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Donate To Fund

Fund Name
Agnes Dixon Fund
Anna E. Greenberg Leadership Fund
Annapolis Maritime Endowment Fund
Annapolis Maritime Museum
Anne Arundel Community Greening
Anne Arundel County Animal Control
Anne Arundel County Department of Aging and Disabilities
Anne Arundel County Department of Health
Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services
Anne Arundel County General Fund
Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth and Families
Anne Arundel County Police Department
Anne Arundel County Public Library Endowment Fund
Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks Department
Anne Arundel Women Giving Together
Anne Arundel Women Giving Together Endowment
Anne Aundel County Fire Department
Arts and Culture Anne Arundel
Babe and Dick Chaney Memorial Fund
Barry and Mary Gossett Foundation Fund
Baum Jackson Investment Group Charitable Foundation
Beauty for Ashes
Beer Family Fund
Beverly and Stephen Marcus Foundation
Bird Family Fund
Blaxall Fund for Economic Growth
Blessings Fund
Bo DePaola Family Foundation Fund
Boy Scouts of Anne Arundel County Fund
Brooks Family Fund
Carbaugh Family Fund
Carol Thompson Fund
Carroll H. Hynson Foundation
Chaney Foundation Fund
Chaney Fund for Hope
Chaney Fund for Land Use Education
Chaney Impact Fund
Chrysalis House
Colleen and Lester Prosser Fund
Colonial Players Roland E. Riley Endowment for the Arts
Community Leadership Fund
Community Leadership Fund (Endowment)
Core Legacy Fund
Creston G. and Betty Jane Tate Fund
Crondall Fund
Danny Gerety Memorial Fund
Deems Digital Foundation
Dick and Sabra Ladd Charitable Fund
Elizabeth Carr Memorial Fund
Frank and Susan Chaney Foundation
Frank's Fund
Franyo Foundation
Fund for Anne Arundel (Endowment)
Fund for the Anne Arundel Conflict Resolution Center (Endowment)
Gable Signs Foundation for a Brighter
Gibbs Family Foundation
Grants 4 Teachers
Greenberg Gibbon/Reliable Contracting Foundation Fund
Greg and Susan Walker Family Foundation
Gutschick Family Foundation
Haller Family Fund
Healthy Anne Arundel
Help Our Neighbors
Herzberg - Wild Scholarship Fund
Howard Bank Fund
Insurance Force Foundation
Invictus (IMDV) Fund
Jessica and Bruce Morgenstern Local Community Impact Fund
Jim and Linda Humphrey Foundation
John B. and Mary E. Slidell Family Charitable Trust
Kincey and Bruce Potter Environmental Fund
Kramer - Schaefer Family Fund
Kurdle Family Fund
Lance Ryan Eager
Langbein Family Endowment Fund
Laurie Sharp Endowment Fund
Lester M. and Lynda B.Salamon Charitable Fund
Lifting Anne Arundel
Live Well Anne Arundel
Louis A. D'Camera Memorial Fund
Magnolia Family Fund
Marcus Fund for Arundel Lodge
Margaret Sander Chaires Foundation
Mark and Lynne Powell Foundation
Marston Family Donor Advised Fund
M&M Curtin Fund
Officer Grant Turner Memorial Scholarship
Patty Brown and Joe Gill Giving Fund
Perinatal Loss
Peterman Ponatoski Family Foundation
RK Family Fund
Roger and Sherry Lepage Education Fund
Scenic Rivers Land Stewardship Trust Reserve
Sonja Swygert Fund
South County Fund
Speciale Family Fund
Strengthening Nonprofits Fund
Sunshine Fund
Sylvia Meisenberg Adult Literacy Program at Arundel House of Hope
Sylvia Meisenberg Shakespeare Education Fund
Thornton Family Fund
Tommy Yeager Endowment Fund
Trish and Greg Strott Fund
Victor A. Sulin Charitable Trust
Walk the Walk Community Fund
William Bunn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Women and Girls Fund
Zoe Quinn Francis Fund