CFAAC manages more than 150 named funds established by individuals, families, companies, and organizations which support nonprofits addressing the needs of our county.

Donate now to any of the Funds listed. You can search for a Fund by name or browse the whole list. If you prefer to donate with a check, please make it out to CFAAC and note in the Memo the name of the Fund you wish to support. You can mail your check to:

900 Bestgate Road, Suite 400
Annapolis, MD 21401

If you have any questions contact Kathy Luthcke at 410-280-1102 ext: 105 or by email

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Community Leadership
Donate Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County
Your support allows CFAAC to respond quickly and effectively to the most pressing community needs and issues through changing times.
Donate Community Crisis Response Fund
The Community Crisis Response Fund was established to provide flexible financial assistance to Anne Arundel County nonprofits immediately following a violent incident, natural disaster or other crisis in our community. Due to the fast-emerging needs posed by the COVID-19 virus, the Community Crisis Response Fund will make single immediate-use grants to nonprofits addressing the increase in community needs and demand for services in the following impact areas: food security and support for basic human needs.
  Donate Celebration of Philanthropy
The Celebration of Philanthropy Luncheon celebrates those who give their time, talent and treasure to support local nonprofit organizations meeting the needs of Anne Arundel County. A portion of the proceeds from the luncheon and 100% of donations to this fund support CFAAC's Strengthening Nonprofits Programs and grants.
CFAAC Grant Funds
Donate Fund for Anne Arundel
The Fund for Anne Arundel's grantmaking aligns with the County Needs Assessment with the priority giving areas that pertain to promoting healthy, thriving, and successful children in Anne Arundel County:

• Childcare

• Food insecurity

• Transportation

• Youth activities/job training/mentoring

• Education

• Health (physical, mental and behavioral)

Donate Grants 4 Teachers
Provides grants to Anne Arundel County Public School teachers to fund creative ideas to stimulate and inspire student learning.
Donate Strengthening Nonprofits Fund
Our Strengthening Nonprofits Fund provides training programs for Anne Arundel County nonprofit organizations to develop organizational capacity around fundraising, nonprofit management, board development, marketing & communications as well as other capacity-building opportunities.
Donate Help Our Neighbors
Provides support to local agencies that respond to urgent assistance for basic human needs for families (e.g. emergency expenses, rent, utilities, essential medication, medical care).
Designated Purpose
  Donate John Starr Memorial Musician's Fund
The fund, established in memory of John Starr Jr., a local jazz flutist, and gifted musician, will provide an annual grant to Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians (AMFM) for a named scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded each year to an Anne Arundel County high school age and above student pursuing an education in the field of music (composition, instrumental or vocal).
Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Andrew Kiracofe Memorial Fund
Established in Memory of Andrew Kiracofe. To provide support to organizations and programs that are committed to the health, restoration, and protection of the Chesapeake Bay, as well as programs that provide young people with experiences that encourage interest in Chesapeake Bay Wildlife and exploration of its natural habitats.
  Donate Galen's Gift
Established in memory of Gregory "Galen" Meehan to provide support to organizations and programs providing essential human services, related to poverty, homelessness, addiction, and legal aid.
Field of Interest
  Donate Arts and Culture Anne Arundel Endowment Fund
This fund was created to permanently support grant-making in the area of arts and culture for low wealth or vulnerable residents of Anne Arundel County. It was established in 2012.
  Donate Environment Anne Arundel
This fund supports Anne Arundel County non-profit organizations working to protect and improve the environment in Anne Arundel County and the Chesapeake Bay. This fund was established in 2014.
  Donate Women and Girls Fund
The purpose of this fund is to support programs assisting women and children in need. Created in 2014.
Support Anne Arundel County
  Donate Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth and Families Fund
The Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children,Youth and Families' mission is to reduce the impact of parental incarceration on children, families and communities; improving outcomes for disconnected youth; reducing childhood hunger; and reducing youth homelessness in Anne Arundel County. The Partnership also convenes community stakeholders to develop local funding and programmatic solutions for children and families.
  Donate Anne Arundel County Department of Health Fund
The Department of Health's mission is to preserve, promote and protect the health of all people who live, work and play in Anne Arundel County. They are committed to providing leadership, guidance and information to ensure that every resident has seamless access to public health services. And they strive to provide strong, sustainable partnerships with the community.
  Donate Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services Fund
The Department of Human Services' mission is to aggressively pursue opportunities to assist people in economic need, provide prevention services, and protect vulnerable children and adults.
  Donate Anne Arundel County Department of Aging and Disabilities Fund
The Anne Arundel County Department of Aging's mission is to improve the quality of life of our citizens by providing options and resources to older adults and adults with disabilities to enable them to live independent and meaningful lives. They provide nutrition, education, affordable housing, and programs at senior centers, as well as, ensure compliance with ADA regulations and act as advocates to protect rights and self-directed choices.
  Donate Anne Arundel County Fire Department Fund
The Anne Arundel County Fire Department's mission is to stand ready as an all-hazards organization to assure the safety of our communities. They respond to calls for service, fires, medical and other emergencies as well as promote fire prevention strategies and life safety programs. The Anne Arundel County Fire Department enforces fire code compliance to ensure that buildings and properties are safe.
  Donate Anne Arundel County Police Department Fund
The Police Department's mission is to protect life and property from the threat of criminal activity, respond to calls for service from victims of crime, enforce criminal and traffic laws, promote crime prevention strategies, assure that police officers are well trained and engage with residents to maintain strong community-police relations.
  Donate Anne Arundel County General Fund
Anne Arundel County's vision is that it will be the best place to live, work and start a business in the State of Maryland.
  Donate Anne Arundel County Animal Control Fund
Anne Arundel County Animal Control is dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of animals, providing temporary housing, ensuring safe human-animal interactions and the opportunity for the public to adopt animals.
  Donate Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks Department Fund
The mission of Recreation & Parks is to enrich the lives of Anne Arundel County residents by offering quality active and passive recreation opportunities and accessible youth and adult services while pursuing the preservation and enhancement of our natural, cultural and historic resources. They also operate and expand community parks, expand bike trails, provide access to county waterways and manage open space land uses.
Other Funds